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Customized Fark Feed Gadget

Fark is a social "news" site where humorous and interesting stories are submitted from users and funny/catchy headlines are given to the stories. It's a great way to find offbeat news of the day.

This gadget will let you read the top headlines from the main page or any section from within your iGoogle page, embedded on your web site, in your toolbar, etc.

The display on the left is a live preview of what the gadget looks like when embedded into a web page. Try it out!

Features include:

Links go directly to the story url, not to the Fark page (you can change this in the prefs if you'd rather go to the comments page)

Show up to 100 items at a time

Once you've scanned the list, click "Mark All Read" to empty it and only show new items

Display is completely configurable using a template in the preferences (for advanced users)

Filter out items based on text - skip the Sponsored items, or even Photoshop or Florida!

Auto-refresh as often as you want to always get the latest content

You can:
     Add It To Your iGoogle Page
     Add It To Your Web Page
     View the XML Source.

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