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Super Digg - Digg Feed Gadget

Super Digg is a Google Gadget the gives you all the benefits of the Digg.com feed but enhanced to make your life easier and your surfing more efficient!

The display on the left is a live preview of what the gadget looks like when embedded into a web page. Try it out!

Features include:

Links go directly to the story url, not to the Digg page (you can still get to the Digg page through the comments link)

Show up to 100 items at a time

Once you've scanned the list, click "Clear" to empty it and only show new items

The icon of the link's site is displayed next to the title

Right-click to show details - thumnail image, url, description, topic, # of diggs, # of comments

Display is completely configurable using a template in the preferences (for advanced users)

Choose any "Endpoint" (see Digg API Wiki) to customize which stories you see

You can:
     Add It To Your iGoogle Page
     Add It To Your Web Page
     View the XML Source.

The "Item Template" is an advanced setting that lets you customize how stories are displayed. Each item in the list will be displayed using this template, with special tags replaced by actual values from the story. The special tags available are as follows:

Tag Description
%index% The numeric index of the story in the list (first story = 0)
%bullet% The image or text selected as the "bullet" before each item in the user prefs
%classname% Either blank or "alternate", to be used for highlighting alternate rows
%target% Either blank or "_blank" depending on user pref for view in a new window or not
%link% The URL of the actual story linked to by Digg
%title% The Digg story title
%thumbnail% Thumbnail image associated with the story
%description% Digg description of the story
%topic.name% User-friendly name of the topic where the story appears
%diggs% Number of diggs the story has
%href% URL to the story with comments on digg.com
%comments% Number of comments the story has on Digg
%submit_date% Date the story was submitted
%status% Story status - ie, "popular"
%media% ex: "news" or "media"
%id% Digg's unique id of the story
%user.name% UserID of the submitter
%user.icon% User icon image
%user.profileviews% Number of times the user's profile has been viewed
%container.name% User-friendly name of the container where the story appears