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Reusable Libraries

Easily create an expandable/collapsible tree structure from plain html without any coding required
Find the pixel coordinates of any object on the page and its size
Popup a window of content anywhere on the page
Popup a calendar tool on the page to quickly scan for and select a date
Create select boxes whose contents are populated dynamically based on the selection in another list
Group checkboxes together to limit the number of checked boxes or to check/uncheck all with a master control
Drag IFRAME objects around the screen like many other "draggable" objects
Functions for validating data, like isNumber and isBlank
Get and Set input values and other useful functions for dealing with forms
Functions to format, parse, and manipulate dates
Sort options, move options up and down, between lists, etc
Transfer options between two select lists and keep track of the changes
Convert complex object structures to understandable text form, like Perl's Data::Dumper module