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jQuery ContextMenu Plugin

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Source File:jquery.contextmenu.js (Right-click and "save as")
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Other Required Files: jQuery 1.2.6 or later (or earlier versions with the Dimensions plugin)

jquery.contextmenu.images.zip - The background images used in themes

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 * jquery.contextmenu.js
 * jQuery Plugin for Context Menus
 * http://www.JavascriptToolbox.com/lib/contextmenu/
 * Copyright (c) 2008 Matt Kruse (javascripttoolbox.com)
 * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. 
 * @version 1.1
 * @history 1.1 2010-01-25 Fixed a problem with 1.4 which caused undesired show/hide animations
 * @history 1.0 2008-10-20 Initial Release
 * @todo slideUp doesn't work in IE - because of iframe?
 * @todo Hide all other menus when contextmenu is shown?
 * @todo More themes
 * @todo Nested context menus
  $.contextMenu = {


    separator:'context-menu-separator', // A specific key to identify a separator
    target:null, // The target of the context click, to be populated when triggered
    menu:null, // The jQuery object containing the HTML object that is the menu itself
    shadowObj:null, // Shadow object
    bgiframe:null, // The iframe object for IE6
    shown:false, // Currently being shown?
    useIframe:/*@cc_on @*//*@if (@_win32) true, @else @*/false,/*@end @*/ // This is a better check than looking at userAgent!
    // Create the menu instance
    create: function(menu,opts) {
      var cmenu = $.extend({},this,opts); // Clone all default properties to created object
      // If a selector has been passed in, then use that as the menu
      if (typeof menu=="string") {
        cmenu.menu = $(menu);
      // If a function has been passed in, call it each time the menu is shown to create the menu
      else if (typeof menu=="function") {
        cmenu.menuFunction = menu;
      // Otherwise parse the Array passed in
      else {
        cmenu.menu = cmenu.createMenu(menu,cmenu);
      if (cmenu.menu) {
      // Create the shadow object if shadow is enabled
      if (cmenu.shadow) {
        cmenu.createShadow(cmenu); // Extracted to method for extensibility
        if (cmenu.shadowOffset) { cmenu.shadowOffsetX = cmenu.shadowOffsetY = cmenu.shadowOffset; }
      $('body').bind('contextmenu',function(){cmenu.hide();}); // If right-clicked somewhere else in the document, hide this menu
      return cmenu;
    // Create an iframe object to go behind the menu
    createIframe: function() {
        return $('<iframe frameborder="0" tabindex="-1" src="javascript:false" style="display:block;position:absolute;z-index:-1;filter:Alpha(Opacity=0);"/>');
    // Accept an Array representing a menu structure and turn it into HTML
    createMenu: function(menu,cmenu) {
      var className = cmenu.className;
      $.each(cmenu.theme.split(","),function(i,n){className+=' '+cmenu.themePrefix+n});
      var $t = $('<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0></table>').click(function(){cmenu.hide(); return false;}); // We wrap a table around it so width can be flexible
      var $tr = $('<tr></tr>');
      var $td = $('<td></td>');
      var $div = $('<div class="'+className+'"></div>');
      // Each menu item is specified as either:
      //     title:function
      // or  title: { property:value ... }
      for (var i=0; i<menu.length; i++) {
        var m = menu[i];
        if (m==$.contextMenu.separator) {
        else {
          for (var opt in menu[i]) {
            $div.append(cmenu.createMenuItem(opt,menu[i][opt])); // Extracted to method for extensibility
      if ( cmenu.useIframe ) {
      return $t;
    // Create an individual menu item
    createMenuItem: function(label,obj) {
      var cmenu = this;
      if (typeof obj=="function") { obj={onclick:obj}; } // If passed a simple function, turn it into a property of an object
      // Default properties, extended in case properties are passed
      var o = $.extend({
        onclick:function() { },
      // If an icon is specified, hard-code the background-image style. Themes that don't show images should take this into account in their CSS
      var iconStyle = (o.icon)?'background-image:url('+o.icon+');':'';
      var $div = $('<div class="'+cmenu.itemClassName+' '+o.className+((o.disabled)?' '+cmenu.disabledItemClassName:'')+'" title="'+o.title+'"></div>')
              // If the item is disabled, don't do anything when it is clicked
              .click(function(e){if(cmenu.isItemDisabled(this)){return false;}else{return o.onclick.call(cmenu.target,this,cmenu,e)}})
              // Change the class of the item when hovered over
              .hover( function(){ o.hoverItem.call(this,(cmenu.isItemDisabled(this))?cmenu.disabledItemHoverClassName:o.hoverClassName); }
                  ,function(){ o.hoverItemOut.call(this,(cmenu.isItemDisabled(this))?cmenu.disabledItemHoverClassName:o.hoverClassName); }
      var $idiv = $('<div class="'+cmenu.innerDivClassName+'" style="'+iconStyle+'">'+label+'</div>');
      return $div;
    // Create a separator row
    createSeparator: function() {
      return $('<div class="'+this.separatorClassName+'"></div>');
    // Determine if an individual item is currently disabled. This is called each time the item is hovered or clicked because the disabled status may change at any time
    isItemDisabled: function(item) { return $(item).is('.'+this.disabledItemClassName); },
    // Functions to fire on hover. Extracted to methods for extensibility
    hoverItem: function(c) { $(this).addClass(c); },
    hoverItemOut: function(c) { $(this).removeClass(c); },
    // Create the shadow object
    createShadow: function(cmenu) {
      cmenu.shadowObj = $('<div class="'+cmenu.shadowClass+'"></div>').css( {display:'none',position:"absolute", zIndex:9998, opacity:cmenu.shadowOpacity, backgroundColor:cmenu.shadowColor } );
    // Display the shadow object, given the position of the menu itself
    showShadow: function(x,y,e) {
      var cmenu = this;
      if (cmenu.shadow) {
        cmenu.shadowObj.css( {
    // A hook to call before the menu is shown, in case special processing needs to be done.
    // Return false to cancel the default show operation
    beforeShow: function() { return true; },
    // Show the context menu
    show: function(t,e) {
      var cmenu=this, x=e.pageX, y=e.pageY;
      cmenu.target = t; // Preserve the object that triggered this context menu so menu item click methods can see it
      if (cmenu.beforeShow()!==false) {
        // If the menu content is a function, call it to populate the menu each time it is displayed
        if (cmenu.menuFunction) {
          if (cmenu.menu) { $(cmenu.menu).remove(); }
          cmenu.menu = cmenu.createMenu(cmenu.menuFunction(cmenu,t),cmenu);
        var $c = cmenu.menu;
        x+=cmenu.offsetX; y+=cmenu.offsetY;
        var pos = cmenu.getPosition(x,y,cmenu,e); // Extracted to method for extensibility
        // Resize the iframe if needed
        if (cmenu.useIframe) {
        $c.css( {top:pos.y+"px", left:pos.x+"px", position:"absolute",zIndex:9999} )[cmenu.showTransition](cmenu.showSpeed,((cmenu.showCallback)?function(){cmenu.showCallback.call(cmenu);}:null));
        $(document).one('click',null,function(){cmenu.hide()}); // Handle a single click to the document to hide the menu
    // Find the position where the menu should appear, given an x,y of the click event
    getPosition: function(clickX,clickY,cmenu,e) {
      var x = clickX+cmenu.offsetX;
      var y = clickY+cmenu.offsetY
      var h = $(cmenu.menu).height();
      var w = $(cmenu.menu).width();
      var dir = cmenu.direction;
      if (cmenu.constrainToScreen) {
        var $w = $(window);
        var wh = $w.height();
        var ww = $w.width();
        if (dir=="down" && (y+h-$w.scrollTop() > wh)) { dir = "up"; }
        var maxRight = x+w-$w.scrollLeft();
        if (maxRight > ww) { x -= (maxRight-ww); }
      if (dir=="up") { y -= h; }
      return {'x':x,'y':y};
    // Hide the menu, of course
    hide: function() {
      var cmenu=this;
      if (cmenu.shown) {
        if (cmenu.iframe) { $(cmenu.iframe).hide(); }
        if (cmenu.menu) { cmenu.menu[cmenu.hideTransition](cmenu.hideSpeed,((cmenu.hideCallback)?function(){cmenu.hideCallback.call(cmenu);}:null)); }
        if (cmenu.shadow) { cmenu.shadowObj[cmenu.hideTransition](cmenu.hideSpeed); }
      cmenu.shown = false;
  // This actually adds the .contextMenu() function to the jQuery namespace
  $.fn.contextMenu = function(menu,options) {
    var cmenu = $.contextMenu.create(menu,options);
    return this.each(function(){
      $(this).bind('contextmenu',function(e){cmenu.show(this,e);return false;});