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Table Sorting, Filtering, Etc - BETA!


Version Date Description
0.9812007-03-19Added Sort.numeric_comma, additional date parsing formats
0.9802007-03-18Release new BETA release pending some testing. Todo: Additional docs, examples, plus jQuery plugin.
0.9592007-03-05Added more "auto" functionality, couple bug fixes
0.9582007-02-28Added auto functionality based on class names
0.9572007-02-21Speed increases, more code cleanup, added Auto Sort functionality
0.9562007-02-16Cleaned up the code and added Auto Filter functionality.
0.9502006-11-15First BETA release.

To Do's

Add more date format parsers
Add style classes to colgroup tags after sorting/filtering in case the user wants to highlight the whole column
Correct for colspans in data rows (this may slow it down)
Fix for IE losing form control values after sort?