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Javascript Resources

The external resources below contain more information about Javascript.




In order for Javascript to work consistently and correctly in a browser environment, it is important that your HTML document be correctly coded. If your HTML is bad, you can't guarantee that your Javascript will work correctly.

Javascript is an implementation of ECMAScript, which is a standardized language. Understanding the core of the language and how it supposed to function can often help you figure out why some things work and some things don't.

The DOM, or Document Object Model, defines what objects and functionality are available to scripts. Since the ECMAScript language can be implemented in places other than the browser (server-side, command-line scripts, etc) the DOM is what links the ECMAScript language syntax with the actual browser environment. In most cases, it is a misunderstanding of the DOM that leads to browser incompatabilities and non-working code. There are different versions of the DOM standard, supported to different extents in different browsers. The browsers usually also have additional DOM objects and functionality that are not part of the standards.

These links have notes on browser compatability with the DOM standards.